Don Juan

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2003-05-06 01:30:44 (UTC)

Lookin' Good

She sure was lookin' good tonight. She has caught my eye
before because she is VERY good looking, but never really
thought I had a chance. Tonight seemed different for some
reason. She's an awesome girl that seems to have her life
on the right track. This is the reason, and only reason
that I will not make a pass at her. I like her enough as
it is to leave her alone because I know that in the long
run, I'll only end up hurting her. I'm no good for girls
like that. I've actually had this opinion a long time.
I've known that I'm no good for a while now. The doc said
it was an idea that I had to get out of my head. The idea
that the great girls are too good for me. But it's not an
idea, it's a fact. Every girl that I've gone after that
had it all together (like this girl) has turned and ran the
other way. And the one that didn't... well, it ended badly
between us. I just have the feeling that I'm either never
going to end up with anyone, or end up with a wacko that
will make my life a living hell. Out of those two, the
first sounds better... only more lonely. But I've done
that a while, so I've learned how to deal with it.

Damn, she looked good tonight. It's so sad... really.

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