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2003-05-06 00:57:11 (UTC)


Saturday started out well. It was May 3rd. On that date,
all of the polish go to a polish parade, then end up
cruising and hanging out, checking out one another down the
polish street belmont. This year was suppose to be better.
I was with Karoline. Her roommate had a car, and in it was
her boyfriend and her. They picked me up to go shortly
after I came back from theatre. I had four layers of white
and red on me. Along with my huge polish flag. We cruised
only for a little while. Then we were to go for a polish
picnic. Which was fine cause I had money and I haven't even
eaten yet. When we got there though, there was only some
alternative, Pantera wannabe band playing. They couldn't
even keep a beat, so we didn't mosh. We left soon. We were
going to go clubbing shortly after, (even I could go. I
told my mom that it was suppose to be some Polish may 3rd
party. She believed me.) The plan was, get food, change for
the club, and leave for the club. So we went to Taco
Burrito King, which was on the way. Once they drop me off, and I start eating the
thing. (Which was as big as my arm,) They call me up and
say that we're not going cause they're too tired. They said
before that they were too tired. It just didn't their
minds. (They didn't say exactly that, but the driver said
she was getting tired, and Karoline said that she only had
4 hours of sleep. Any dumb ass would figure out that you
would be tired by the end of the night.) So they asked me
if I still want to do something. I'm like Hell Yeah I wanna
do something. I barely got to do anything on May 3rd
because of them. And this was suppose to be the one that's
good. This time I didn't care if I was gonna be alone on
the streets, cause I would bump into someone and hitch a
ride, or meet up with some friends or something. Eventually
I would have fun, and it would be a good May 3rd cause I
wouldn't obsess anymore about having a constant need for
some huge unatainable thrill. The one that is only in my
head. So we ended up going to Karoline's boyfriends house.
The driver, Karoline and their boyfriends went to
Karoline's boyfriends house with me and 2 12 packs of
liquer. One was sky, the other mike's hard lemonade. I
wasn't gonna drink so I just pretended I was high to keep
myself amused. It amused them at times too. They really
thought I was high. Technically my mind was busting on me
cause I had an overdose of that Eye Q thing. Oh well. Does
an eye good. I went home before 1:00 Being driven back by a
drunk driver. (Oh, pardon me, he wasn't drunk. He has a
high tolerance level.) She said she'll make it up to me.
That she will convince my mom to let me go to a club with
her one time, and stay out real late. Okay it's one thing
for me to go, it's another for me to have fun. I want to go
to a club, by my hand. That means, I don't have to be
surrounded with people with their boyfriends on their
asses. Don't have to rely on their cell phones or their
cars, or their friends. I want to be surrounded by my
friends. I don't want liquer, I don't want to get their
very late and chase around places, running chores, and
eventually run out of time to have fun, because WE had to
take care of things that I don't even see the need for,
don't need, and sometimes don't even understand.

2) Sunday
Homework day/relax/go to bank. That was the plan for
Sunday. I didn't go to the bank. I only got a chance
to "relax," when it was to get away from the stress of
homework. That got me in a very bad mood. The only homework
I had to do was Chem and English. For English I had to read
35 pages. Alright simple. With eye Q, it will take me about
an hour. (By the end of chem I was so pissed I couldn't
even open the book.) I tared myself away from the t.v.
screen, and locked myself in my room as I usually do,
listened and danced to music until I had the feeling of
doing my homework because I knew I simply had to. I'm
failing that class. I got an F on my last report card. I
can still boost it. (The funny thing is that I spend the
most time, doing homework for this class
and I'm getting the worst grade in it.) First I started
with a lab that is extra credit due in a week or two, but
if I was to do it successfully, I would have to start this
weekend at the latest. So I did. I even did the paper, and
already my parents interegations pissed me off. I had to do
this expirament in the kitchen so I was wide opened, and I
couldn't help it. I wanted to start then and there, if I
wouldn't I prabobly wouldn't start at all. Afterwards I
worked on the take home test. This is important because I
don't get it, and he never gives us the opportunity of
taking a test home. I was missing a calculator though. So I
had to use the one online. Bad thing is I couldn't type in
the numbers, I had to punch them in by mouse. The computer
was very slow too. I had to wait like 2 seconds before
clicking the next digit. This space by the computer is a
very small work area as well. I had to have the computer
though, my binder (for notes,) my book (heavy,) and my two
papers>the test itself/graph I had to draw to it. So this
was attracting awful energy. This alignment had terrible
feng-shui. So, being already pissed but finished, I look
into my little place where I wrote my assignments, and
recall that I still have to do my project for chem, that
counts as a final. A biography on Joseph Gay-Lussac. I
hated chemistry, I didn't want to write a thing. My printer
still doesn't have black ink. I had to print out a fucking
picture of this guy along with the thing. (THE ONLY THING I
it, finished. Then I see that the bibliography had to be on
another page. I got pissed at that. I sent it to myself
online so I can print it out again in school if I feel like
it. (I didn't. why? see Monday) There was a no copy zone on
the picture so I had to find a different one, save it on a
disk, then attack it to that e-mail. I was gonna save it on
a disk, but my school doesn't have word perfect 9 anymore,
and word doesn't read word perfect. Not to mention the
paper got a jam. There was too much crap on the fucking
printer. So all mad I made myself dinner and a huge
sandwich bun, and watched smackdown. It was too late for
the walk I was looking forward to making to go to the bank.
There was alot of talk about a new wrestler called Mr.
America. Stephany signed him without seeing who he was. (It
turned out to be Hogan.) At the last few seconds, something
fucked up with the recording and I didn't see what the main
boss had to say about it. (Hulk was being paid by Vince to
sit at home. So who knows what happened after that.)

3) Monday
This is a built on madness from Thursday and Friday, about
my staying up late to write my senior paper, not getting a
tardy when I was so late to school. I got there 5th period.
A few of my teachers had already seen me, and being cool
just marked me tardy not needing proof. My 4th period
French teacher was a bitch about it though. She made me go
to 210, get a tardy for her or a reinstatement. I didn't
have my ID still. It was still in my bookbag which was now
in my friends locker. The dude got the car back after it
was towed. My ID was in there. I can't get a tardy or a
reinstatement without that. Hopefully class was almost over
and I just went back to class told her I don't have an ID
so I can't get it. So she said alright, I'll just mark it
as a cut until you show me that it's not. So alright. She
had given us our current grades. I got a little mad because
I had an F from an assignment I coulnd't do. We were
suppose to do these damn children stories. And for my final
draft I got a 25 out of a 100. Which she curved to a
dropped score. I didn't pay much attention to that. But she
gave me an F on the translation of somebody else's children
story. What was I suppose to do? I didn't have a story to
trade. I never got mine back. So she being pissed at me,
dropped my score for the translation but accepted my 25 out
of 100 from the final draft. Something I haven't even seen.
The woman is nuts. She is suppose to write me a
recomendation letter. I asked her to rewrite the one she
already wrote me because it was false. She said don't
worry, they don't even look at it. (Actually, that's the
only thing they look at in Columbia.) So she better not
have written in there that I was in her class for 3 years.
I haven't even taken French for 3 years. I don't want to
have people there thinking that I can practically speak the
damn language. She got me so frustrated I had to get some
java. Went to dunkin donuts. Started feeling a little
better within the following periods. I didn't go to French
club. I just went to quizzno's and Jewel. Then play
rehearsal. Afterwards I was happy I got out at the exact
time I predicted 5:20. This way someone would be right
there to pick me up. No one would have to wait. My brothers
didn't give the messege to mom, until 5:15. I stood there
waiting. Took the fucking bus home. The Belmont bus,
reading a fucking book. (I had two fucking bookbags.) I
couldn't take it. I still have homework. But there is no
way that I would want to do it. It's for that class I hate.
History. Ms. Smith's class. I have to anyway if I wanna
make a good statement in the mock trials. I will, just,
maybe not today. Point being that I did go to the bank on
the way. Their hiring there. I was hoping for a feeling to
come that I should really apply because I will get the job.
The feeling was indiferent. So I really don't know. There
might be some complications or a possibility. I'm not sure
what is going to happen. All I know is that I need to print
out my resume. I was thinking cover letter as well. Then go
early tomorrow and fill out the application. I need a good
paying job, and this would do the trick very well. After I
got out, my parents were prabobly waiting for my on the
school parking lot. They still came, but missed me. Oh

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