lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2003-05-05 23:33:13 (UTC)


if there was something to write, i'd sure as heck write it. but i don't
know what...except for the poetry of my soul. the fields of flowers in
my heart are playing a song audible only to the one who loves me
(brittany..i am walt whitman in training...minus the whole gay

today was radical...choir was fun and we only have class 3 more
times this crazy is that? yeah. and then spanish was
fun cuz we just decided in the middle of class that we wanted everyone pitched in a few bucks and we ordered in from
d'amore's. only ms. ramirez, i tell you. and then bio...well...would
be fun except it's bio. but in a month i'll be freeeee. so yeah.

quiero. quiero. make me stop wanting things. i'm greeeedy.

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