Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
2003-05-05 22:42:40 (UTC)

I hate it....

I can't stand the way I take it all in...
Jacob once agains yells at me for the way I am dressed, and
the constant yelling from my mom. Her screaming doesn't
cease to end anytime soon. All she does is talk about me
not being legible for college and that I won't get in and I
am not good enough. I am so sick of this stuff I have to
deal with, with her. I am going to run away from it all
with the chance of being raped, killed and drugged. I feel
that its always raining in my head i want to forget all the
things that she said and stop the storm as it nears me
closer and closer. The pain and torture is building up
higher and higher to the point to where I can't take it
anymore I want to give it to someone who can take it
because i know i cant. I have a friend who feels the same
way but she takes it one step further she cuts herself. I
have done that but I figure that won't do anything for me
as a person. I can't take it and I figure that world and
life will end soon enough and I know I can't wait till it