REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
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2003-05-05 22:08:53 (UTC)

the other night

the other night was really akward. well i was up late
helping my brother put his pennies dimes nickles and
quarters in those little paper thinggys/..you knwo what im
talkin about? lol the kind where it says put 2 dollars
worth of quarters in here! ok well thats wat i was up
doing. well i was watching uh wats it called again...yumm
oh yeah 1 hour photo which was good, and we see this
ambulance go past us...*the room i was in faces my
backyard which leads to a private road* and this old lady
lives there and she FINALLY died. welll this all happend
at like 2. well than i tooe a shower at 230 and i
straighted my hair at like 3 in the morning...and the next
day vanessa came over, and me nd vaness always have the
wierdest times togteher...nuff said. well than today
school was gay piros..i hope she dies! lol and the
softball game. we did awsome. beat thompson for the second
time 1-0! GREAT JOB LADIES...oh yes we beat the, both
times!!!!!!!!! well i dunno wat else to say..i cant wait
till may 9th..but ive said that like 2908357 times. umm i
cant wait till may 30..may 31 is my birthdau guys!!! lol!
get me somethin good! i got an idea! im gonna make a
birthday wish list on this diary thingga mabobber this
weekend..or a week before my birthday, so the people that
are so kind to get me a gift will know what i want! its
gonna be a good list!!! lol its gonna have lots on it.
well im really really tired and i got homework so im gonna
go. byee