Mind numbing thoughts...
2003-05-05 20:33:48 (UTC)


I'm so very very bored rite now, but i got my notice that i
should post so here i am. i can't even describe how i feel
its like happy and excited cuz my next two weekends are
going to be great, but sad and depressed cuz i'm bored, and
things aren't going the way i want them too. Omg heaven
forbid that princess jenna doesn't get her way. anyways i'm
kinda worried about this weekend. My friends ahaveing a
party and i'll be fucked out of my mind, i just hope i
don't go and do something stupid and hurtful like last
time, cuz i don't wanna hurt my friends. I have been
thinking today (provoked by the antics of my friend alen)
about how women in todays society are treated, cuz ya we
have rights and stuff but how men really see us? are there
still 'old fashioned' assholes out there that believe women
belong in a kitchen? i mean this is the 21st century i
should hope not but i still think there are and that really
pisses me off b/c a) i can't cook and dont' look forward to
it and b) i want to be able to support myself and not have
to depend on someone to live my life. well i dunno i gotta
go. Later