Montana bound
2003-05-05 20:26:00 (UTC)

Nifty newfangled concepts clash with my traditional nature

Well, I'm sure I'll keep writing entries in this
journal, but I figure I should probably keep something in
my primitive journal, too. I'm just too much of a
traditionalist. And I dream too much. I was thinking the
other night and it came to me. In thousands of years when
society as we know it has either collapsed or transcended
to a level of which we can only dream, and some historian
is sifting through the wreckage of what was once my house,
he's going to come across my journal and be able to
construct a model of the everyday lifestyle of me, at
least, if not people in general from this time period.
Like I said, I dream too much. Anyway, that thought
just kind of came to me to write down. Other than that,
there's really nothing happening in my life. Nothing going
on with Allison, unfortunately, and I have no clue how to
go about trying to establish connections with any other
girls. Top on the list after Allison are Erica and Sam,
but like I said, I'm not sure.
Anyway, that's it. I'm out.