files of the weenie kid
2003-05-05 20:18:38 (UTC)

the tide is high...

K, my interview at McDonalds is today. I kinda hope I get
the job. It's time for me to take some responsibility. I'm
ready to grow up. I also turned in an application today at
DeVega Brothers. I would rather work there. I might not be
able to though, cos I'm only 17, and you have to be 18 to
serve alcohal. The guy said he's gonna see what he can do
though. That would be cool.

My mama's making chili verde today! MMMMM.

My heart hurts...I don't wanna graduate high school. i
don't wanna go to college. I don't want to be independent.
But I do. I don't know. I wanna do it, but I wanna do it on
my time, not my mom's, and she's rushing me. Yet she's
holding me back. AHHHHHH!!!! It's so confusing!!! Anyways,
I have to go to college if I wanna join the Marines. So
that means I have to pay for it. I need to do all of my
calculations to see if I can do it. I need to buy a car,
pay for insurance, a cell phone bill, and college. Sorry,
but I just don't see how all that can be possible with me
working at McDonalds. But the Lord provides, right? So I
know everythings gonna fall into place for me.