All That I Am
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2003-05-05 20:08:34 (UTC)

The Nearness Of You

I can't get this Norah Jones song out of my head!!! It's
called "The Nearness of You" and it's so beautiful. It was
in the Sandra Bullock movie "Two Weeks Notice" but it's on
Norah's cd too and it's such a romantic song. I keep
humming it and people keep looking over at me, lol. Anywho,
today's a pretty good day. I have to go get my muffler
fixed either today or tomorrow but I really don't feel like
driving down to Olympia and I really don't want to spend
about $50 on that damn thing. But again, my car sounds like
a tank and it smells like some burnt, dead animal so I
guess I need to get it over with because it's quite
embarrassing. Last Friday I went and saw X2: X-Men United
and it was soooooooooooo good! I want to see it again so
freakin' bad so I think I may drop off my car to the
muffler people and then the theater is right down the road
so I may do that. God it was such a good movie! I'm such a
freakin' comic book nerd and during the whole movie I was
just naming off every character and whatnot and I'm so
excited because they showed Phoenix at the end!!! So, X3 is
going to be centered around Jean Grey/Phoenix! I can't wait
for it to come out on dvd. But I'll see it again probably
today or tomorrow. Okay enough about X2. OMG! Mum isn't
getting married afterall! Basically she said that she was
running around getting all excited about the dress and
getting the whole thing set up and Kent was just like
whatever, like he didn't even care. Mum said why go through
with it if you're not going to want to do it or be excited
about it? So, I knew all along that she didn't want
to....or at least that now wasn't the best time to get
married especially with the move and all. She said she was
more relieved than disappointed but I could tell she feels
a little deflated also because she was getting excited
about it. One day she'll get hitched though. Well, I'm
outtie! Later.