listen to my silences
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2003-05-05 19:16:26 (UTC)

not in the greatest of moods

i'm definitely not in the greatest of moods. first of all i
was a really big bitch to brandon last night. seriously.
and then i continued on my bitch streak to treat jonathon
the same way. i feel wonderful about myself
because i'm such a kind and caring person. NO. second of
all i've spent like the entire day crying. other than when
i was drawing. and even then i wanted to. not because of
my being a bitch but for a different reason. now i'm
talking to jamie and i'm feeling a little better. nothing
like a cheerful person to cheer you up. thanks babe. you
didn't even know i needed it. that's what i love about our
friendship yo. lol.

ice cream at mom and pop's. woo hoo! i'm excited.

k well i'm going back to...whatever it is i'm doing.

final thought: tears never solved anything...or maybe it
was the lack of them...