Ducky the Lesbian

useless ramblings of a crazy duck
2003-05-05 17:29:36 (UTC)

rainy days

well here it is May the 5th.. 3 days before my 22nd bday..
i was planning on riding horses today.. but its all rainy
blah blah blah blah on the damned rain.. i mean i enjoy the
rain dont get me wrong but i really hate it when it fucks
up my plans.. anyways.. im excited b/c a week from RIGHT
NOW i will be @ my baby's house all snuggled up with her..
and chillin and hanging out.. soooo i cant wait for that..
but as for now i sit here.. i have a week to get some MAD
craziness out of the way.. i got alot of things 2 do
between now and when i go see her.. and actually im not
really sure if i had the time.... but im definately gonna
make an effort.. anyways... i just wanted 2 pop in and
write all of you atleast for a few mins b/c i really havent
had the opportunity... im soooo freakin tired... ever been
sooo tired that it wakes ya up and ya cant sleep... soo
tired and you hit some kinda weird mood... and then all of
a sudden u get pissy and just bite people's heads off????
beware those of you that know me worth a shit.... i am in
the mood today... look @ me wrong and i am likely to bitch
lol.... hell i just wouldnt look @ me.. just let me go on
about my business today.... and catch me on the upside
tomorrow.... btw my bday is THURS is yall didnt catch that
before... what ya getting me?? anyways.. im out..

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