Pandora's Box
2003-05-05 09:02:26 (UTC)


My next birthday. I know what it will take. I know how I
need to be. I know what I need to do. But I am making a

By my next birthday, physical perfection will be just
around the bend.

By my next birthday, I will not be fat.

My hair will be longer, my skin clearer, my GPA the best
it could be, my body fat at athletic standards.

I feel I have no more excuses not to be physically
impressive. I'm tall, I have good bone structure; my
features are symmetrical and classically attractive (doe
eyes, full lips, etc.) and my father was an athlete when
he was young; my mother a waif. Imperfection cannot

TGW: 145
GW: 130
UGW: 115