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2003-05-05 01:04:00 (UTC)

we're falling apart together

recap of the weekend...
friday get home... decisions decisions...here's the
deal. i have a couple different options as on what to do
with my evening. (by the way i'm home alone, so i can
basically do anything) well at school my friend jessi
mentioned her and some of her friends that i'm know are
getting together for a little "gathering". the plan is for
chris and i to go there and spend the night. i dont feel
very good so i think i might pass it up. so i tell chris
i'm not going and he finds something else to do. i call
brandon to see a. why he wasn't in school and b. what he's
doing that night. he's doing a project for school and that
night he had nothing to do. we semi make plans to go see
X2. the thing is i have no money/i dont want to spend my
money on a movie. so he offers to lend me money. i tell
brandon just to call me later and then jessi calls. i
discuss my situation with her. i end up deciding to go
over with her but only if brandon has something else to do
cus i wasn't going to leave him hanging. peter and brian
are brought into the mix because they might be able to go
to the movie, keyword might. the time for my ride to pick
me up is drawing near and it's still a maybe that brian
and peter are gonna hang out with brandon. so i end up
going to the get together. in the end peter didn't go but
brian did, i dont think they even went to see the movie.
anyways the "get together" consisted of me, jessi, mandy,
kyle, lindsey, and dave. i knew most of the people. dave
and i walk in the see the hostess (mandy,it was her house)
and the others standing in the kitchen waiting for us so
they could begin the festivities. shots shots shots. mandy
and jessi get drunk very fast so the entertainment begins.
one by one all of us get plastered except lindsey (she was
kinda like the mom, she cleaned up after everone and
didn't get too drunk). well not too long after mandy
passes out while the rest of us just hang out around and
find other stuff to do. kyle and lindsey then decide to go
see a movie. so me, dave and jessi are left. we decide we
want to smoke so we go to dave's friend nate's house (it's
about 1 in the morning) and we toke up there and get some
for when we get back to mandy's house. we get high and a
little while later we go to sleep. a very entertaining
night and some pictures were talking via mandy's digital
camera. so the morning was filled with laughter of the
antics from the night before caught on camera.
saturday come home and call my dad to come pick me up.
once i get to his house (cocoa beach) i just hang out and
watch tv for a little while. then we go and see X2 and
then go to blockbuster. i rent Pi and drumline. Pi is
directed by Darren Afronsky (the guy who did requiem for a
dream and donnie darko) so i thought i'd check out with
earlier work. it was really good. drumline...well i'm in
band so i had to see what is was all about. it was too
bad. i mean for that kinda of movie it was good. not my
first choice of a movie though.
sunday come home around 12 and then try to find something
to do. call brandon to see what he's doing. after we talk
for awhile he comes over and picks me up. we go to his
house and play some trombone duets and stuff. him teaching
me and few things and just messing around. then we decide
to go eat. then we go to brian's house and he and peter
are just hanging out. we join them in just hanging out and
then we all go home. the day was enjoyed.
overall i've slowly been progressing out of my state
of "depression" i mean if you keep busy it's hard not to
have at least a little fun. still feeling kinda down
though. unexplainable reasons as usually. maybe someday
i'll figure it out. with my luck the answer is inside the
216 digit number... (hope you get it)

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