2003-05-05 00:59:42 (UTC)

The Blazers and Shopping Cart Items

The Blazers just drive me crazy! They have for years.
John and I used to watch their games back before we were
married, almost 25 years ago, when Bill Walton (now an
announcer) was one of their players. They would get so far
behind you'd think they could never catch up, and then, in
a blaze of glory, come back triumphant only to lose it all
in the end. And they're still doing it! They were down by
three games, caught up by winning the next three, were tied
at halftime of the last game and LOST! ARGGGG! I can't
stand it! I only ended up listening to the game because it
was on when I was driving the guys back to Corvallis and
Owen wanted to listen to it on the radio. This is NOT good
for my blood pressure. I'm too old for this. *sigh*
I did a bit of shopping at Fred Meyers while I was in
Corvallis. The lines at this particular store are always
long and it seems the cashiers are always trainees so one
stands there quite a while. Of course, I check out what's
in other people's carts. The guy in front of me looked
like an old hippie. He had a box of all natural
granola cereal from the health food section, a small glass
bottle of organic juice, two six packs of a nutritional
supplement drink AND a bottle of wine, a plastic bag of
fried chicken from the deli and a container of premade
potato salad. Is he buying stuff for someone else? Was he
going to have an outside picnic at the park before heading
home? Does he think that the nutritional type stuff will
make up for the high fat and alcohol? I have no idea but I
thought it odd and it was fun to speculate. Oh, what did I
buy? Some roasted soy nuts and a Mother's Day card.

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