A Day In The Life Of Sam
2003-05-04 23:11:31 (UTC)

another bitch...another day

lets was better then yesterday...i wasnt as
sick today so that makes things ALOT better....lets see i
went to see the lizzie movie wit was a cute lil n whit were laughin our asses off...the lil kids
in there didnt seem to mind but the adults looked a lil
pissed....well i get home and whit ims me sayin jessica is
up to some bullshit again...sayin sumthin bout "ur the one
always wit sam...and u need to stop hidin behond ur bfs sn"
or sum shit like that...LMAO heres a lil note to jessica:
GET A least me n whit would have the GUTS to say
shit to ur face..i mean damn all u do is start shit
online...what u afraid we gunna kick ur ass or sumthin? i
mean damn u say the same shit over and over and to tell u
the truth nobody cares...u aint hurtin no ones feelings but
u the one thats gunna get hurt in the end..opps did i say
that out loud? and guess what theres PLENTY of people out
there who want to do it a whole lot worse then me..i got
other ways to make ur life hell...thats ok though...keep
this shit up...yo ass will get straightened
REALLY fucked up when u fucked around wit tony...damn...i
almost feel sorry for u now...wait..nope...STILL
dont...LMAO i cant wait till all this shit goes down..its
gunna be funny as hell..and ima have front row seats!!!

as to all u NONE ass lickin trashy hoes out there....i
guess thats all i got to i'll holla at ya'll lata!

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