2003-05-04 22:19:34 (UTC)

wow, its been awhile

hey all it's certainly been a long while since i've typed
never thought it was possible but u seem to keep
surprising me. i cherish everything u say to me baby, ur
smarter than u give urself credit for and u r incredibly
sweet. damian u bring things out in me that i didn't even
know where inside of me. u've taught me a lot about life
and myself. i look forward to spending my life with u. i
also want to apologize for not having so much time lately
to spend time with u. i love you dearly damian and nothing
will ever change that. everytime i see ur smile i can't
help but smile myself. ur smile makes me melt inside. ur
on my mind all day everday sexy d. thoughts of u
interfuses every part of my being. not just thoughts of u
but ur ways of life. i sometimes find myself doing things
differently for u. it's a good thing too. in my past
realationships i've always had a problem with trusting
them but not with u. i trust u with my life baby for i
know that u will protect me as much as humanly possible
and will never intentionally hurt me. i thank u baby for
even giving me the time of day. this relationship never
had to be but i'm glad it is. i'm elated u gave me the
chance. most ppl think i'll be a total bitch just by
looking at me but u went deeper than looks and really
found me out. thank you damian. u can't possibly know what
it means to me and how much i appreciate it. i know i
always tell u that i love you but i mean it everytime i
say it and love you even more each time. i still get a
lift from u saying it to me. to know someone u love so
deeply loves u back is amazing. thank you once again. Song
of the entry: "When You're Smiling" -Frank Sinatra