listen to my silences
2003-05-04 22:01:56 (UTC)

whole lot of not much

i'm in inside i mean. cause you can ask
anyone i've talked to you and they'll tell you otherwise.

lots of stuff going on in my life right now. well, in my
head really. nothing in my life at the moment is going on
because i have done NOTHING since friday at ten o clock
other than sleep, do random art projects, and talk on the
phone. and it's sunday. and tomorrow, i'm going to do the
same thing. woo hoo. i'm so exciting. I HATE NOT HAVING
A CAR. okay, i feel better now. i lied. i don't. at all.

k so i've just summed up my entire weekend. so...i'm going
to go now. oh, jamie, i have something for you, don't let
me forget to give it to you when i get home for the summer.

final thought: i feel like i'm reaching for the stars while
trapped underwater.