Day to Day Life
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2003-05-04 21:13:02 (UTC)

wow, long time, i know

well, how is my life going? Um....well, let's see. Over
the summer i'm doing about thirty thousand things. I'm
gonna be in the summer play of annie. I'll be singing and
dancing. It should be fun. i have summa skule, work,
driver's training, rehearsel for the play, the play
itself, Danielle is coming down, mike is moving back so i
have to spend time with him of course and then hanging out
with friends and the love of my life, Conrad! This is
gonna be great. oh and July 23rd is my and conrad's 1
YEAR!!! hell yeah! i can't wait. i have a lot of shit.
omg, i never even realized it. oh well, i'll manage some
how. DAMNIT, I'M SCREWED!!!!! i have to figure
something..i will later. i don't want to wait til next
year to get my license, this sucks. damn it! oh fricken
well. I'm gonna go clean my room so i can fit my new couch
in it. late!

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