*Bubbles and Ducks*
2003-05-04 18:01:31 (UTC)

Trampled By Cows

Last night, I went bowling with Bridget! Hahaha! It was
so funny, I am really bad. Because neither of our names
would fit on the computer thingy, we were JudEE ((Judy))
and LucEE ((Lucy) for the night. But you have to say the EE
part of the names really long and loud like JudEEEE and
LucEEEE! OMG, they had an ice cream vending machine! It was
sooo cool. It made this scary noise though when you got
something from it! I called my mom and asked if Bridget
could sleep over and she said yes, and so did Bridget's
mom! While we were waiting for my mom to come pick us up,
we played hangman and we were writing these hilarious
sentences. I wrote "Brett is a tampon" and "I am a sexxy
mamiseta and a better bowler than you" and she wrote "Brett
is a ass urchin and a butt barnacle" and "You are a dirty
crackwhore and a dumb blonde. Stupid porch monkey." On the
way home, we were talking about roadkill ((don't ask)) and
I thought Bridget said "Yeah, once my mom ran over a cow."
And I was like What?! A cow?! And then my mom starting
making fun of me. Turns out she said cat. But then we were
laughing because Mrs. Clise drives a mini-van. And I was
all like "I bet a Hummer could run over a cow." It was a
lot funnier in the car than it actually sounds. And then
later I was like I wonder how many people have been
trampled to death by cows? And we went homew and looked it
up on www.askjeeves.com, they didn't have the answer but it
did have this website with all these litle jokes, like one
about the game rock, paper, scissors. It went something
like I wonder how rock-paper-scissors evolved. Did it start
out in early cavemen years as rock-rock-rock? And then did
it become rock-rock-fire? And then maybe rock-fire-club? It
was really funny, me and Lucee couldn't stop laughing. Then
we just hung out and watched tv, played playstation and
more hangman. FUNFUN!