Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
2003-05-04 14:16:45 (UTC)

here we go

right first of all aaron has got a job so i am movin from
the flats whoo hoo

next this is the official invite to all that read to get
off there arse and get to hamilton for saturday the 10th
because we are gettin smashedto find us try all the pubs
most likey in the central where aron is workin so come get
smashed with me cos if you read this you must be one of the
best people on this planet

now to the nitty gritty my life

all has been boring noticaly i haven't been writing because
well i have been busy at work hey its my birthday on
wednesday so all better ring me for it ok whell i am still
single and it really suxs why is this so god i have done
nothing wrong oh well but the deal is that aaron/wattys
missus has got me set up for next friday with a chick from
heywood shes blonde and a touch shorter then kat so well
maybe shes ok no idea

yes hes something for yoley to read if he still reads this
adios mate i am off two weeks and i will be outta here
that means bills to be paid and rent to be up to date so
yeah respect

oh yeah all those god damn collingwood supporters can lick
my bag go the swans cos we do rule we rule good back in the
8 and above you ha ha

same to u melbourne supporters

and carlton

oh well i need sleep so i am off have fun all

drug: sleep
song: tired of waking up tired - hudoo gurus

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