Silent Eyes

Lost in this place
2003-05-04 09:11:35 (UTC)

The love is lost and has been..

The love is lost and has been burnt out for awhile,
The kindling wood supressed a faint smile
Yet the sparks could not light a lasting flame
So here we are again and I'm feeling quite the same
My heart was broken about a year ago
but when the question is love you always seem to answer no
Perhaps some day you'll be able to see just how much I
cared for thee
Perhaps if I treat it as a band aid it will stop the
bleeding faster
Tonight though, I must begin what I promised so long ago,
surpress any feeling I have for you
You do it so well, thats a part of why I'm hurting so
although I hate to do this I wont be able to handle the
outcome unless I start now because I need to prepare for
the worst because the hell I'm in now can get worse
God Please keep me with you
I pray that I will find my self with you
For I believe that you have the power to help me
PLEASE, give me a sign that this is all right? The pain
may be misdirected but is it RIGHT? Where am I? Who am I?
What am I? WHy am I here? WHat is my purpose? WHY WHY WHY