Cosmic Rain
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2003-05-04 06:04:19 (UTC)

Sunday Trite

I will have a nephew named "Liam Thomas" Funny how the
unborn assumes an identity once the sex is known. Now when
we refer to the baby it's him, it's liam, it's lil man.
With Mia I couldn't help but say "it" all the time, which
was terrible, but because there was no real identifying
factor she was simply "it" Now she's quite happily assumed
her identity and personality. And it's quite wonderful that
now I can have lil phone conversations with her. I don't
think she really knows what I am saying all the time, but
that is ok.

I'm still somewhat addicted to zookeeper, as well as my
$2.50 puzzle book I bought for my plane trip back home.
Maybe my mind is feeling hungry or simply wants to be
entertained or stimulated. I guess with all that has
happened it just wants to be distracted. Not that I can
lead it too far down the garden path of distraction for I
have all these new things I have to think about now. Like
how to help run a business. I can see an ulcer by the end
of the here's hoping not. Oooh my brain is
tooo distracted with zookeeper. I paused in my writing and
my brain was automatically thinking don't pause for too
long you'll run out of time and bomb out. That is somewhat

I feels strange all these trips to the airport of late. It
makes me feel like I should be doing more trips. And I
should have more holidays. I think last year gave me the
taste for it. Having two in quick succession, after having
had none at all in 8 years or so. And then my recent trip.
Ah ze well. Whatever happens, whatever comes.

I had a strange dream last night. I wrote a song for Jewel.
Not everyday one gets to write a song for Jewel, but she
seemed rather impressed. That's how you can tell these
things are dreams. No mixing up of the reality factor
there. But she liked it because it wasn't her usual style.
I'm sure it was crap. Dreams always make them sound so
good. Too bad I can't remember how it went today. But I got
to help with the making of the film clip.

Hmmmm I love odd conversations about things that are just
silly and this was about boomerangs...

Dezined says: could be a good toy
pinkle says: yesims
pinkle says: the new sex matter what bitch you go
home with..your toy will always come back.

That says it all really. Well not really, but just enough
for now and I can post this, cause I think I am done here
for today...

*next station LJ*