Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-05-04 05:52:24 (UTC)

A Just day....

After much debate, we all finally left the house, and went
first to Target (pronounced Tar-Jhay), and then to the
mall. Whilst at the mall, we visited a toy store, and
there I purchased for my wife's new addiction for her
Gameboy Advanced system a plug in ac adapter thingie, with
also a wormlight (to light her way through the darkness, no
doubt), and then we left to Sears to look for any pressure
washer sales that our accompanying mother-in-law (R's
mother) would be interested in, and there R found a tent
for about 17 bucks, which I objected to vehemently, since
it was something that I had no clue whatsoever that she
wanted to get, whereupon her mother decided that now was to
be the perfect opportune moment to spend on her birthday
present, and so she acquired for her a larget tent at
29.97, which made her happy, to some extent... Me, I just
threw up my hands in disgust and stormed out of the
hardware section and trudged my way to the electronics
department looking at DVD players for sale... I ran into
those beautiful, beautiful wide plasma HDTV's, and felt a
thrill of excitement run through my, folks,
was a vision of the future, yet to come, but it would be
coming, and we would be all blown away.... Crystal clarity
pictures, taking up your whole field of vision.....

We came home, cooked up some turkey burgers on the grill,
and sat down to catch the final ending of Gladiator on
tv..., my, what a show. Its expert use of imagery,
intermingled with the dramatic moments, conveyed a deep
sense of admiration from me that really did not make any
sense at all to me, as I was just writing this to take the
time to extract any lingering words still dangling from the
forefront of my thoughts...

There is still something very troubling to me, but I don't
think that I'll be able to spend any more time trying to
decipher and/or decode it, since its ultimate usefulness to
me would be nil to negligible. My emotions are in turmoil
over this, but I hope soon that I'll be able to finally
determine exactly what IT is that is so bothersome, and
maybe, or maybe not, deal with it, but I don't know....