REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-05-04 03:24:04 (UTC)

a lil bout my day

HEY PEOPLES...specially nicole who requested me to write
in this thinggy mabober! i just found out nicole is the
grooviest person! shes jus like me! all wierd and
discombobulated! lol bff nikki p! well today...i just sat
home i practiced pitching ...came online
ate...ate...ate...ate..practiced pitching again...then
computer then t.v...ate again...then computer and than i
went to play some basketball with my brothers for like
039746 hours. it was fun...they beat the crap outta me. we
played like 7 games of 21 and i lost all of them!..and im
proud to! my brothers were makin fun of me cause they said
i sucked..BUT YA KNOW! what do you expect if im like 5'1
and there like 6'0 i mean really! lol..well i can do good
when im playin people my age! and my height! hmmm...well
than i took a shower cause i was so0o sweaty! *ohh
abbeeee* lol j/p buti tooke a shower and than i was bored
so i went on paint and i drew this kool monkey! im really
proud. i saved it as my back round. HEY I GOT NEW FOR YOU
FAGS...dont make fun of the Mets..please..just dont...im
like drowning with the crap i get and its annoying.
BIRDIES BIRDIES BIRDIE!:-D ahh..well the one i love hates
me and i got proofe of it today..i think. he hates me and
love YOU!...dammit...i cant have him..and i cant get over
him. im telling you..when i get older im gonna be livin
till im 101 years old and with my very last minutesim
gonna be sitting in a dark room with no friends no husband
no kids..just sitting there greabbing my neck gasping for
air...i know its gonna be like that...and know what! IM
PROUD! lol...be my friend:-D im out..have fun readin this
nicole..i wrote it for you!