2003-05-04 03:07:47 (UTC)

The Beach

This is a little short story I just wrote. It will need
some editing but here it is:

We lay in bed together, his scrawny arm around me,
providing a comforting but false sense of security. I knew
I could lie like that forever- the dissipating rain almost
silently tapping at the window meshed with the sound of the
clock and my heart beating simultaneously. I also knew
that others would be stirring shortly and I had to escape
for some solitary time.
I snuck out of the house surreptitiously, taking
the fourteen short steps to the beach. The wild green and
grey of the sea and sky was more magnificent than any
perfect beach weather. The wind and ocean
pulled at me, cajoling me to join the confusion and chaos
of the crashing waves. I did not need this persuasion; I
had already made up my mind. As I prepared myself for the
descent into anarchy, a hand stopped me. His hand.
His hand jolted electricity through me and suddenly
the ocean was not chaotic but serene, the wind and ocean
surrendered me to him and we walked together, side by side,
to search for seashells.