Shandielly Harshy

It's good to be bad, if it's bet
2003-05-04 01:33:17 (UTC)


I skipped a Jamboree on Friday. I told my coach that I
needed to stay behind and figure out what was going on in
my classes. She said it was okay, so I went to school
instead of golfing. I should let it be known that I wasn’t
being totally honest with my coach. Sure, I needed to
catch up on my schoolwork, but the main reason I didn’t go
was because I wanted to see Derek. But guess what? He
wasn’t even fucking there! That’s okay though, because my
day was just as interesting and exciting, even without him.
There’s this kid in my 1st hour class; his name is
Danny Christiansen. He’s kind of popular, and hangs out
with Alicia (bitch), Derrick Plite (asshole dropout), and
Terence (huge black guy, I never talk to him). Well
anyways, we never really talk. When he DOES mutter
something to me I don’t know what he said, because he talks
really quietly. But today was different. He paid
attention to me. I was sitting across the room from him
while talking to my friend Alexis. I noticed him looking
at me, and I couldn’t figure out why. So of course I
played my usual I’m-pretending-I-don’t-notice-you-looking-
game. I guess it worked, because he looked at me the whole
fucking time I was over there!
Later in the class, Sara-Beth told me that Danny
asked her to ask me if he could use a pencil. So I gave
her a pencil and Sara-Beth gave it to Danny (Lol confused
yet? Good, I tried to make you that way). Well when class
was over he gave me my pencil back (surprise surprise, I
thought I’d never see it again), along with a note that he
almost-subtly passed me. This is what it said, exact
spelling and all:

Hey what u been up too? Not much here just chillin
in class this sucks! how come u never talk to me? But en-
wayz what u doin this weekend? You should come hang out w/
me this weekend and party! Well got 2 go! don’t be afraid
to talk to me now!! j/k peace w/b.
Dan C.
P.S—hook me up w/ ur phone number to!

“Hmmmm,” I say. Danny is the guy my friend Kelly
lost her virginity to. He got her really drunk and then
fucked her. The same thing happened to Sam, and he tried
to do it to Amanda as well. So I know damn well that he’s
not trying to make a mutual friendship here, and he doesn’t
want me as a girlfriend. I know it sounds totally slutty
of me, but I’m actually thinking about hanging out with
this guy and seeing what happens. I mean, we’re both in
for the same thing, except he thinks he needs to do this
whole “I really like you” thing before he gets me flat on
my back and then never talks to me again. But so what, I
might as well look into it before I flat out refuse this
guy. I mean, COME ON! He’s popular, hot, and best all:
So I write him a note and tell him that I never
talked to him before because I never saw a need to (We
never hung out together or anything. The closest we ever
got to talking is when his friend sold me cigarettes in a
crowded hallway and I got pushed up against him. I said
sorry, and then thought about how good he smelled.). I
also told him about how my grandparents don’t let me do
anything, so I probably wouldn’t be able to party with
him. Guess what? I gave him my number. During 4th hour,
he gave me this note:
Hey sexy! what u doin? notta shit here just
chillin in Mr. Cooks class watchin a movie. But en-wayz
yeah we can do sumptin this weekend! Where do you live
at? R U goin to be home tonight? Well if u do go to a
friend’s house I’ll need the number or I wouldn’t know how
to get ahold of u. Well write back and tell me what u want
to do. –k- Bye!
Dan C.
P.S—Sorry I spelt ur name wrong!

Okay, so now I’m wondering what’s going on. I talked to
Alexis, and she told me to stay away from this guy. I
talked to Alicia, and she said the same thing. She also
told me that I should subtly ask him what he wants. So in
my next letter I said something along the lines of, “Why
are you being so nice to me all of a sudden? I don’t wanna
sound mean, but it seems kind of suspicious when I go
virtually ignored for 8 months and then suddenly you’re
interested. So what’s up?” That was 6th hour. I didn’t
get a note back, and I’m hoping it’s because he didn’t find
me at the end of the day.
I hate to say it, but I’m interested. I know what
he’s in for, and I know what he’s done to other people, but
that doesn’t matter to me. Just like everything else, I’m
going to learn this lesson for myself instead of just
taking somebody else’s word. I shouldn’t be doing this,
but it’s a written rule that I have to fall for anybody
that gives me a second glance. *sigh.* So he hasn’t
called me. He seemed pretty eager to talk to me before, so
I’m hoping that he just left my number at school or
something. But we’ll figure that out later, now won’t we?
Peace out nuggas
P.S. OMFG I like 3 diff guys! What the FUCK?