Jamie H

Pretty Baby
2003-05-04 01:08:36 (UTC)

A Love Letter

April 2, 2003

Dear Daniel Franklin L,
The special time will come when I am going to be by your
side. The day before will be history. I will never forget
where I come from or what I have done that makes me me.
You make the happiest girl in this world. The time will
come that I will be your loving wife and soul mate
forever. I have had very lonely days without you mentally
not by my side. The three words: It's gunna happen makes
me move on and helps me every day to remind me that soon I
will be with you. I know things are going to be hard at
times but our love has been through so much already. I
think we can make it all the way. We are about 1/2 way
there already. We have been dating for almost two years on
and off. The longest relationship I have ever been in
ever! I love you with all my heart. Yes, I have told
people this before BUT I never meant it as I mean it with
you. You want me to be happy with or without you. Well, I
want it to be with you because I have never felt this love
before until 7-9-01. That was the day we met. I heard
this quote: "Love is life." I believe that because
without you I do not know what I would do or be in my
future life. I know I would want to be a cop because that
is my dream . . . and I am going to follow it. If I were
not with you I would probably come home from along day and
probably be a lonely person. Our love is going to and is
guiding me to my future. You know I want to be with you
forever and ever! I also want to be close to my family but
not too close. I can settle for the San Diego area. I
don't want to stop you from doing anything you want to do
like any goals. I don't want you to regret anything at all
in our future life. My major goal is to become a cop, or
something along that line. Like a investegator or
something. You know I want our first son to be named Luke
Daniel. I don't know if you have any girl names you like.
That time will come. Today I really noticed that you are
the one. Even though I knew that, I felt more of it
tonight. You aren't only my lover but my best friend! You
have understand me like a book you have read a 1,000
times. You have always been in my heart, even though at
times I didn't show it. You will always be in my heart, no
matter what. When we were not together I had a hole in my
heart and I was trying to fill that hole up by dating other
guys but you were the only one to fulfill the hole. The
day we say "I do." is the day I will feel totally
complete. I will feel complete when we live together but I
will fell like I am complete forever on our special day. I
can imagine you staring into my eyes as I walk the isle
me. All eyes will be on me and I will be looking at the
person I love (You). Thinking about our future that will
be so wonderful. The life I have always dreamed of a nice,
caring, loving husband in a beautiful house with two or
three kids. Plenty of toys for them to play with. I want
them to be as happy as you and I are. Mother's and
Father's always want the best for their children. I
strongly believe that because my mom still wants the best
for my older sister and she has been married for about five
years now. So when the time comes and we decide to have
children I want to make sure we are very independent and
can afford the best for them. I love you, Danny!! I love
you for you I don't care what job you have, how much you
make, or anything. I love you for your personality,
attitude, and a lot more. I will support you in whatever
you do. I know you would do the same for me. You know if
you needed something you can come to me and I will try my
best do help you. I know I can do the same. My English
class got me thinking about what I live for. What I live
for the future of you and I, my family, and my goals. I
could not imagine getting married to someone, or living
with someone but you! You make me whole and complete! I
love you and always will! I am not going to give up on our
future or our love ever again! I know I have done that
before but that was because of your mom. I shouldn't have
let her get in the way of us, and now I won't. I really
think it will work out if we just show our parents that we
are meant for each other. That is the best way I think.
We will see what happens. My mom will accept you because
you make me really happy and she can see that. I make u
really happy. I know we can make it. Daniel with all of
our love, hopes, and dreams!! I love you so much!!!!