My Little World
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2003-05-03 23:57:09 (UTC)

I do know this....

Allen, i love you so much its not even funny! i miss you
so much!! i hate having to say goodbye to you every night
on the phone!! it breaks my heart, even though i know i
will talk to you the next day..... Something in me hates
the word goodbye! actually, everything in me hates it! I
miss you....... I had such a good time today:) thank you
so much for coming over!! i know you probably will never
read this because of your dumb computers, but im ganna put
it anyways!!! And you know that song i gave you? It
describes us perfectly!! God defintally had his hand in
this relationship! Keeping you in Oxbow for another year
and keeping your Mum's car going so we could meet and fall
in love....That is majorly Divine Intervention! Every time
you leave, you take more of my heart with you!! and every
time you go, you leave more and more with me!! You have my
heart and it will be yours forever!! I will never EVER
find a guy like you EVER again, and i will never look for
another guy!! You are for Keeps Bucko! You are perfect
for me!! We have so much in common and we just fit
together! I loved waking you up when i was down in
Matagamon and being the first person to look into your
beautiful eyes and being the last person to look into them
at night!! i cant wait until i get to do that forever!
Just always know that i love you and i will never ever stop
loving you!!! I have to go, but soon i'll never have to
leave!!! I love you more than anything Allen Christianson!
Never forget that! Love Me Always ~Danielle~