Queen Kate

my life in words
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2003-05-03 22:42:36 (UTC)

" the greatest wish"

Watching the sun go down beyond the lake of mystery,
watching the bright yellows and oranges drip away like warm
candle wax, into reds and purples, and then into blues and
blacks of a diamond, night sky of mystery and pondering. If
we can see beauty and ugly, what can we not see? As i
wonder this, i see a shooting star and wish "my greatest
wish in the world" and hope for it to come true. It has
been eight years or more since that wish i wished for, and
nothing has happened. "Why did god not answer my wish", i
thought when i was younger, but then i thought about it and
i decided it was god who made it happen like that and he
didn't want to change how he had made it. I cannot tell you
my wish i wished for but i can tell you it was not
something like i want to lose 10 pounds, those things you
can do by yourself, this was something that i need help
with. Oh god why did you make it this way, life would have
been more easy and fun, i will never know what is it like
to do all the things that you do when you have something
like that. I have missed out on lots of things because of
gods decision, i just hope he did it the right way, and if
he didn't i will be forever angry at him for screwing up my