SuGaR RuSh
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2003-05-03 21:48:15 (UTC)

Bedtime Stories...

blah! i had SATs this morning..blah blah blah...then i had
2 go over aunt pnas 4 a party 4 matty...but i slept n
ate...i was so tired...erins bed was so soft lol..yesterday
was me n jd's 6 month..woohoo..well after skool me n boop
went shoppin 4 erin n becky..but i couldnt find n e thing 4
becky so im gunna go another day..hmm..we went
bowling..that was funny...i finally got my 1st strike
ever!! yaya me lol i got myself the cutest outfit
ever...its so nnice..i just gotta get shoes and a sweater 4
it cuz the shirt is very illegal... oh ya..guess what i
found out...that im a whore...oh ya..let me tell
sucha whore..i sleep w/ 10 guys everynight 4 money..oh
ya..thats me...NOT....ur really the biggest fuckin
hypocrite on the face of this planet...y dont u get urself
sum new friends cuz if u dun already one likes u

well im gunna go pick out what shoes im wearin4

fuck ya later