Absinthe Inspired Ramblings...
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2003-05-03 20:55:01 (UTC)

Glue, Rain,and Crazy Walnut Tree Festivals

Have you ever covered your hand with Elmer's School Glue
and waited until it dried to peel it off with a smooth
downward motion? I love that feeling. It's so relaxing,
takes you back to Kindergarten when all you had to worry
about was a teacher taking away your glue. It's great. It
has been raining off and on all night and day. I really
hope it doesn't rain tomorrow because I am selling my soaps
at the Walnut Tree Festival on Whittier Blvd. If the
weather is decent, I can probably sell them all! The sun is
out now, I'm hoping the storm has past. Last night the
power kept flickering on and off and I started to get
scared (I though a bad mutant was trying to get me - I had
just seen X2, can ya tell?), so I didn't sleep very well.
It didn't help that my father was wandering around in the
dark trying to find the surge protecter to turn it off so
that it wouldn't mess up the TV or the Computer. This
morning, when I woke up, my friend Michael was pounding on
my bedroom door (I had locked it to keep the bad mutants
out) and I stummbled off of my lofted bed (it hurt) and
staggered blindly out of my room (it was really bright out
there). He wanted to give me back my car keys (I haven't
driven poor little Chad since Sunday and I let Michael
borrow him because he can't even get into his own car - he
crashed it about a week ago). Needless to say, I am still
very out of it and have no clue what I am going to do for
the rest of the day now that sleep, driving and anything
that requires money (I'm still waiting for a call from
Blockbuster, I think I'll go "rent somemore movies" tonight
for an excuse to ask the manager again) are out of the
question. Well, I guess that's all for now.....