The void
2003-05-03 16:55:37 (UTC)

Void of boredom

so i'm meant to be washing the underwear today...sod that.
looking forward to tomorrow (sunday) mainly because i get
to see terence and because i get to strut around camden
with my new hair do :)just looked at Terence's band's
website, tis goooood!
i'm listening to the old limp bizkit album, (3 dollar bill
y'all) hmmmmmm.....
i hate this diary being private, because before i kinda
enjoyed people being able to read it and have a laugh at my
stupid life!and that meant i could also laught at myself,
but i can't do that anymore with all this secrecy. i hate
secrecy dammit.
i'm now talking to Daves best mate john...hmm...sometimes
i'm sure he's trying to get information out of me to tell
dave.then again i could just be flattering myself too much!
everyones been rowing again in buffy chat. i'm so glad i
quit while i was ahed.fucking immature bunch of twats.
aaarrrggghhhh itchy baaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccckkkkk!!!!!!!!