ton o galaxy
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2003-05-03 16:41:09 (UTC)

a rainy saturday morning..

so i was off the past two days, nice. Sort of. Even on my
days off I'm running around, hanging out with this person.
But all in all it was good.

Yesterday I went to the gym. This will be my third time
losing the points and I have to get some startegy. These
girls have my ass wooped! We were mortified when she told
us how many points she had. We were not expecting it at all.
I went on a date with this guy on Wednesday. I think it
went well. Still just a little off though. Maybe that's how
first dates are though. I have this weird hand and foot
fetish and his hands were beautiful. Absouluetly beautiful.
They drove me crazy and that was my deciding factor.People
have made stupider decisions...Right?