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2003-05-03 13:00:08 (UTC)

Friends :-)

ya well i decided to be cool and start one of

last nite i was thinkin bout this...think back to 8th grade
or even 9th grade n think of how we all said we'd never
change n BBF n all that stuff...well we all did change n so
if theres ne1 out there that i usta be friends w/ n dont
talk to nemore i love ya always n foreva.

"High School"
somewhere between the procrastination...and the
homework...and the friendships...and the calls to each
other complaining about crushes..somehwere between the fone
calls to old friends...and the "I miss you's" & the "I love
yous"... and the "What are we doing tonights?"...and
somehwere between all of the changing, growing...somewhere
between the classes...and the skipping classes.....and the
studying for tests...and the pretending to study for
tests...and the downright not studying for tests...i
forgot....i forgot what high school is all about.
I forgot what it meant to cry...i forgot that pretending to
be happy doesnt make u happy...and that pretending to be
smart doesnt make u smart...i forgot that u cant forget the
past in fear of the future...i forgot that you cant control
falling in love..and that u cant make urself fall in
love...i learned that i can love...i learned that its ok to
mess up..and its ok to ask for help... and its ok to feel
like shit.. i learned its ok to complain and whine to all
ur friends for a whole day..i learned that sometimes the
things u want more u just cant have.
I learned that the greatest thing bout highschool isnt the
parties or the drinking or the hook-ups...its the
friendships, which means taking chances...i learned that
sometimes the things we wantto forget are the things which
we need most to talk about... i learned that letters fro
mfriends are the most important thing. and that sending
cards to ur friends amkes u feel better. but, basically i
just learedn that my friends..both old and new...are the
most important ppl to me in the world..and without them, i
wouldnt be who i am his is a thanku to all of my
friends...for always being there n i love u.

k well i think im off i gtg get ready cuz im goin to my
cuzins 1st communion today luv ya all

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