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2003-05-03 12:24:40 (UTC)

Never saw blue like that before

Lateley I have discover that I have feelings for Chris that
I should not have, like a cruch. I dont want to be in a
seriuos relationship with him, and I know thats impossible,
I just want to flirt and have fun with him and he to have
the same with me.
But I know what kind of type he is and how hes like, so I
have decided not to let by soul brun in anger for a boy I
knew was truble before I started. Even though I dont want a
relationship I know I will get hurt if we start our thing,
cause I have other feelings for him than he have for me. So
I have decided to do my best to get over him, to not come
to him but let he come to me as me and my friends call it,
that mens that he have to make the first move, call me,
send the first sms and so on before I respond.

I have truble with Tommy agen, and I guess those who read
this might start to wonder why we are tougether at all. But
its not only problems, we have some relly good times as
Like last Sunday, my first weekend not working on ages, we
sleept verry long, had brekfast, went to the swimmingpool,
had sex in the family dressingroom(only us and no one could
get in, but stil a little bit kinckey. Then we had pizza on
his faborite pizzaplace and went back home to Tommys with a
lot of candy`s we ate as we wathed tv. A verrt nice day we
bouth agreed on.
Im gonna let it be this way for today, only writing about
good things not bad.

Love Angel