2003-05-03 08:56:23 (UTC)

If I was a Mushroom what would I be?

hahaha god im so what the fuck is wrong with
RAYMOND...hahaha oh lordy lordy im still wearing all my
clothes and i can't breathe really good because im so hot
but i love x-men so nightcrawler is so good
and i wanna marry him alot and my heart is racing a
million times a guess who im not talking to
ever again? i got home right now and chris sanchez leaves
me a message saying "i just saw the pianist...pretty
okay" what an ass only an ass would say that about
that what a self-centered bitch you can't say
that he was just saying it on purpose and it makes me
really mad and i hate him...omg RAYMOND'S bagel was soo
good you guys it tasted like american bread and the
bastard would'nt even let me try it that stupid slut...omg
im so gonna eat a bagel right now but i don't have any to
eat and my stomach is burning...hahahaha your guys
journals made me laugh...except alex's his journals are so
depressing god alex your way too hard on yourself old
buddy old have talent...your good at sucking
cock and cutting hair for cheap! hahahaha your funny alex
you worry too much you can't find talent...what talent do
i have? besides being so hotttttttt no one has talent
except for nicole kidman...she has it all that bitch lets
kill her and steal it like rogue does omg i love xmen X2
UNITED ya bitch...and natalie went shopping today by
herself yes she did and ray oh wait RAYMOND didn't write a
new journal but hes finding it hard to build a
relationship with his dad but ray don't worry oh wait
RAYMOND don't worry because in time things will work...i
feel like DR.PHIL to you fucks...well i have a marsupial
pouch that's like his yes it is...on oprah today the
really fat guy who lost alot of weight won a car...a natalie you stupid lazy bitch why didn't
you write in to oprah about me and tell her that i lost
weight so then she would give me stuff...not a true friend
you are...oh ya i forgot the lady who was on oprah she was
550 pounds and now shes 277 pounds and shes still ugly and
wants an acting career (???? ah bella di mama) but i love
her because she has all this loose skin and marsupial
pouches on her legs in between her twat and she couldn't
get a twat exam ever because she was so fat...i felt
really connected to her...we bonded...then i ate
rotisserie chicken from dora's stove and it was
pouch leaked for hours afterwards...oh ya two hot gay guys
came in to blacks today and fucked me oh no that was my
fantasy but they did come in and were really hot and
together those stupid sluts but i did make eye contact
with him and as i told RAYMOND in the car he curled his
eyelashes with a curler...those scary things from a
clockwork orange ya those...he was a makeup artist because
i could tell from his pictures...they were girls with
makeup and he was putting makeup on them...RAYMOND oh my
god you guys alex and natalie not withstanding i totally
let raymond shit RAYMOND here the voice tonight and he
went like this with his hand and put his finger in his ear
like this but you can't see what im doing right now and
the sound of me typing is really soothing and i can't stop
omg i wanna stop but i can't its totally taking me over
you guys i don't know what to do like im typing a million
times a minute omg this is so scary i think i should go
poo or somthing and make this stop because its bad...k i
stopped right there for a second to type dot dot dot but
now i started again and its mindboggling all this sexual
tension between me and RAYMOND is really escalating and i
think i want him to cut open my stomach and inject his
semen in it so then i can taste him and have him with me
at all times of the day because RAYMOND is the
best...hahahha when RAYMOND went into bakers dozen i used
his phone and played falling numbers and i sang to myself
for five minutes like this (doo doo doo doo doo) but i was
making a really weird sound and i kept laughing at myself
and then i would realize what i was doing and then i would
stop and laugh again...then i rolled down the window and
couldn't hear me because he was inside and there was glass
all i just totally rested there and my watch
is really pretty now that i look at it and it made me
smile and remember when i told andrew that he should
switch watches with me because mine had a story behind
it...he asked what the story was i told him well i found
it in my dad's drawer three months ago...and he was like
and...and i said and what bitch that's it now trade with
me you stupid was fun to blow smoke in his face
and watch him peel his nose and cough up blood ya hahhaa
good times...and i also just realized that my parents just
came home and now they're going to come in here and look
at me and im all shroomed out and here they come my mom
just looked at me and said " domani vereno a
movera e cosi vatti si escuttio...i soldi a
piate di la" she doesn't know that i just typed all that
out but it was fun oh no here comes my dad and here we
go "good morning" hahahaha oh dad your so funny thanks for
taylor dayne tickets you kick ass...i think i want a bagel
but i don't have any and im really dehydrated so im gonna
go but i really don't want to because i can't stop
typing...omg im such an ass i just said "what?" to my
parents and they weren't talking to me so now they know im
drugged for sure oh no hell in a handbasket ewwww i just
burped and it smells like acid with rotting poisonous
mushrooms but they were worth all the funness of the
night...k i think im done now because i want to jerk off
because im horny...ya im done... k love you all

bye muah muah

p.s. ewww my dad just farted i just heard it and the bed
is making weird noises k bye

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