forever changing
2003-05-03 07:09:01 (UTC)


well umm yea i am goin out with mike now. yea yesterday on
the phone he asked me if i was ready to make what we have
more formal so i told him i wanted to wait till after
today, because then i would be able to hang out with him
and see how we act together. and well ok first i should
explain how i got to go to mikes, there was supposeed to be
a concert in town tonight and well mike lives right up the
street from where the concert place is so we (ashley and i)
were goin to just go over and hang out at mikes till the
concert, there sndded up bein no concert but instead
some "3-d dance" type thing so we were just goin to hang
out and tell my parents that we were still goin ot the
concert so that i could go hang out with mike. well today
at school some shit happened ashley got depressed and
decided that she didn't want to go to mikes, so i went
alone and it was so much fun!!!! we pretty much listened to
music in his room and stuff. it was so funny because we
carried on conversations through kissing and making out and
all that fun stuff. we were thinking of goin ot x-men
butwhen we went over to the theater the movie was sold out
for that showing and the next one was at 9:20 and my dad
was goin to pick me up at 11 soi couldn't go but we just
talked and stuff. and he asked me if i was ready to make it
more formal and i said yea so now we are together and i am
really happy about it.
oh yea yesterday was so much friggin fun!!!! ***sarcastic
of course*** i told j-me that i was thinking of persuing
something with mike and the first thing she tells me is how
much of an asshole he is and how he is goin to break my
heart and all that fun shit! well and as if that wasn't
enouhg she went over and talked to jaleen who i guess
thinks she had a relationship with mike but he has never
done anything with her, but yea she started telling me all
this crap about how he did the same thing with her and all
this shit and it just was not a fun time i was crying so i
went outside then a few min later jaleen came out and told
me "well maybe he has changed but you know that is what he
did to me blah blah blah. . . " then j-me came out and said
well she hates mike but you know she was just trying to
look out for me because she doesn't want me to get hurt and
i told her it was fine it jsut shocked me how when i told
her about wanting to persue something with someone i really
like she completely goes off about how horrible he is and
so now we are ok i guess but i am still feeling a lil weird
around her just because i found out when i talked to mike
last night (jaleen called him and bitched him out) but i
found out that he had never even met j-me before and that
sorta bothers me just a lil bit. ok enough of my bitching
yea i got bitched out for liking him just wait till i tell
them that we are goin out now they will probably all have
heart attacks and take turns calling us both telling us
stupid shit about why we shouldn't be together
but yea it was weird because we had so much fun together,
like we were making out but we were also just joking around
like he did something really weird so i make the crackely
phone noise and told him that he was breaking up and i was
goin through a tunnel (while typing this joke it seems to
have lost most if not all of it's humor but who gives a
damn!) but we jsut talked about anything that came up while
just having fun together it was so grand we would be
laughing so hard in between the times when we were kissing
and it was just all good fun. it made me so happy.
i think that this is goin to be different from
other "relationships" i have had just because we can be
sweet and all that but we are also just plain goofy at the
same time and we actually have a lot in common even though
less than a month ago i would have thought it impossible.
it is weird to think less than a month ago i was afraid of
him and he thought i wasa snotty bitch more or less and
then today we were cuddling and having a great time
hmmmm as i said before in another diary "ah my life is such
an oddity