Montana bound
2003-05-03 04:29:18 (UTC)


Well, yet another night of gaming for me. Such fun.
It really would be, except that we're about to play a half-
life game. Nothing against them, but I've never been much
for Shooters. The fact that I suck at them is probably
partially responsible for this, but it's similar to
basketball. I've always been extremely annoyed by the
people who immediately respond with "you just don't like
it because you're no good at it!" Well no shit,
Sherlock! Do you enjoy playing a game at which you
constantly get your ass kicked?
I saw a George Carlin show last night at Ty's house.
Well, we actually only caught the tail end of it, but it
was fucking hilarious. I don't give a damn what anyone
else says, George Carlin is the funniest guy on this
goddamn planet. No one can complain about shit like he
does. His talent is simply divine.
.....Okay, I just heard about the stupidest piece of
shit so far today. Apparently, Mountain Dew has released
yet another brilliant new flavor. This time it's some
kind of orange shit. One would think they'd have
learned. I'm not saying that Code Red is bad, but it's
nowhere near as good as the original. I suppose they're
trying yet another method to outdo Coke. The thing is,
Coke doesn't have to make any new products and they still
beat out Pepsi. Kind of figures that the drink which can
dissolve nails and provides the people who drink it with a
stomach liner from Hell would be more successful.
Anyway, I think that's about enough for now. Hopefully
I can do something with Allison tomorrow, we'll see if
that gets off the ground. One of these days I'm going to
get a job and driver's liscence, then I'll have to see
about finally meeting Julia and doing something with Kyle
over the summer before he goes off to play soldier boy in
teh Marines. I always knew that boy would get into some
kind of sophistocated career in which he would learn
hundreds of ways to kill a man with his bare hands. God
bless America.