*Bubbles and Ducks*
2003-05-03 03:59:03 (UTC)


HAHA! I am having so much fun at Andrea Ching Chong's!
Today after school, my mom picked me, Elizabeth, an dYasy
up from school and drove us to the gym. We were there until
like 5:30 and then we went to Yasy's and ate pizza.
Elizabeth got pizza sauce on her clothes and so we raided
Yasmin's closet, so everything was so big for her that we
went and tried to raid Kia's closet, but even that was too
big! So then I called up Andrea and I was like "what size
is Elizabeth ((her sister))" and shes like 0, so were like
ok, field trip! So we go RUNNING over to Andreas and get
some clothes. And OMG, there are these guys across the
street that came home from college that were outside
playing frisbee and basketball. HOTTHOTTHOTT! Anyway, so we
went and saw Holes with Maddi, Jill, Allison Fishbach, and
that's it I think. It was actually pretty good! Shia (From
Even Stevens) was looking pretty good! And there are some
other hott guys in that movie which was kinda surprising!
We walked through Boscov's and it's really nice! Gottas go
before my time runs out!