life's weird
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2003-05-03 03:40:38 (UTC)

choral rant

i cannot beleive what i was just told.
i am so infuriated.
this school is so shitty. i mean. first they give a part
with what? 3 solos and a duet or something? to someone who
cant sing. now this?
this person, person A, most people will agree this person
is not... an amazing singer. she got into the highest
choral group at our school while two VERY talented people
got moved up but not to that level. its ridiculous. next
year we have no voices. he lost brittney. we lost all out
seniors. he have jessica and maybe some of the new people
but i dunno. and i refuse to have a horrible group but
mostly i refuse to not have fun. i have been looking
forward to being in this group since my brother went to
crystal 11 years ago. now that i have worked my ass off to
get there, i might drop it because if we suck, and if its
not fun, i refuse to do it. im not going to get up there
and be embarrased by some soloist.
i guess its not just this though. like i work SO GODDAMN
HARD. i take four fucking dance classes a week, im taking
ballet over the summer, i act EVERY goddamn chance i get,
i've been taking voice for over four years. why the FUCK
does she get everything better than i do? its not fair
that because she is rich as hell she can get whatever the
hell she wants. its not fucking fair. if my daddy gave the
school a million dollars, im sure i couldve gotten in
vicks too. some people just need to get off their fucking
lazy asses and work.

ok well im really really sorry i didn't mean to offend
anyone (well, if person A read this, they might be
pissed). i mean i dont know the capabilities of all the
new people but im sure things will turn out better than i
expects, hehe. im sorry if i pissed anyone off with this,
feel free to talk to me (TALK, not yell please!) im just
very emotional right now =)
im erally not that much of a bitch. i promise. except
maybe to my boyfriend. buti try not to be

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