Diary of an American Witch
2003-05-03 02:59:43 (UTC)

Did I mention the hair thing?

Last weekend, I got my hair cut.
You see, I was growing it out, for the silly reason that
there was a certain man in my life who wanted it that way.
Not Jamie, Of course, (any time Jamie and I got into an
arguement about my hair, I would basically tell him to
stuff it.) but another guy who still held a lot of my
heart. He wanted me to have long hair, and I wanted to
have it, because he wanted me to.
This guy lives thousands of miles away from me, and we
haven't seen eachother in just about a year, but we talk
online now and then, and I was growing my hair out Just
for him. What a stupid thing to do.
See, I really don't have feelings for him anymore, at least
I thought I didn't, but last week, when I was sitting,
thinking about getting my hair cut, I realized that the
reason I hadn't done it in a long time was because I wanted
to look good for him when he came to visit. And then I
thought about that. What a dumb reason not to do something
that I want to do!
So I cast off the last lingering, emotional hold he had on
me, and got my hair cut.
It looks good now, really good. I always looked better
with short hair anyway, and now, when I walk into a a room,
the looks I get from guys is very fun.
More later, I think. Time to go watch my anime now.

Happy thinking