Shandielly Harshy

It's good to be bad, if it's bet
2003-05-03 02:16:03 (UTC)


Did I ever talk about Derek? Probably not. Well anyways,
he was my bestest buddy when I was a little tyke. I
remember jumping on the trampoline with him when I was
like, 3 years old. His mom was friends with my mom, as
well as my uncle and my gramma. Derek’s uncle was planning
on moving in with my aunt before he died in a car accident
(this happened in the 1980’s). Derek’s gramma is friends
with my gramma. Derek’s mom is my bus driver. So in other
words, our families are hooked pretty well.
But anyways, back to when I was 3. I liked Derek because
his name sounded like Erik, who was The Little Mermaid’s
boyfriend. Confused yet? Just wait, it gets worse. So
now that I’m living with my grandparents, Derek and I go to
the same school again. Whenever I skip class, I go sit in
his car. I used to toke down with him in the mornings, but
we don’t do that since I got in trouble for the weed in
March (I got high in his car, got busted). So now I
realize that I like Derek, and it’s got nothing to do with
The Little Mermaid anymore.
I told Derek about my feelings, but he’s giving me mixed
signals in return. He told me that if my gramma weren’t so
controlling, he would probably ask me out (gee, thanks
gram). When he’s not around his friends he’s a total
sweetie pie (horn dog). Even in school he’s always
slapping my ass or grabbing my tits. But then there’s
other times when he’s just a total dick who doesn’t even
aknowledge my existence. So what am I sposed to do?
*sigh* So what the frick am I gonna do about this? I’ve
got a month and ½ to make Derek realize that we could have
a good thing going on if we tried. But I don’t know how to
do that. Can somebody PLEASE help me?
Peace out nuggas.