Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2003-05-03 00:47:31 (UTC)

Derby Weekend

Well, looks like another huge weekend in town, and I'll be
stuck at home. This past week car expense has me completely
broke during the derby weekend here. Its supposedly a lot
like a mini mardi gras downtown, with lots of alchohol,
drugs, and nudity. Sounds like a blast.

Oh well. Looks like i'll stay home, broke, depressed,
lonely and virtuously celibate. I guess I can be happy with
that. Maybe I'll visit and check out the
latest techniques on making celibacy enjoyable...

wish I had my own place again so i could at least have
friends over to watch a dvd or something...

hmmm. feedback anyone? do i spend way too much time
bitching? Maybe I spend too much time around girls, so I'm
always getting in the pms field of influence? J/K ladies!