Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
2003-05-03 00:06:42 (UTC)


today is friday if you didnt know and this means the
weekend is here. this also means busy as fugde. this
weekend im going bowling and i have a bottle drive and a
birthday day party and i need to go shopping for
anniversarys and Birthdays. If i only knew what to get for
either or both!! yeah and im afraid that there are only
going ot be like 5 people that show up for hte bottle
drive and that it will be a waste of my time!! yeah and
tonight we are going bowling and yet again that person
invited its self along. If i could only tell the person
with out hurting there feelings. And i normally tell people
what i feel when i feel it but i dotn think i can do it
this person. yeah well anyways there nothing eles to say
so ill prob right more when i get home fromthe alley