Just another life
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2003-05-02 22:53:17 (UTC)

Is this normal?

Is it normal to be completely happy and thrilled with life
one day, and then be totally depressed the next?
I've had a pretty good week, and even a pretty good day,
but for some reason I'm extremely depressed. I don't feel
like I have a bad life or anything. I just want a few
things in life right now to be happy, and they arent big
things like being a millionaire or a rockstar, or living
forever, or anything like that. But the few things I want,
I can't have. It's screwed up. Another thing, when
something bad happens to me, it's really bad. But when
something good happens, something always comes up to make
it not as good. That's screwed up too. Maybe it's just my
outlook on these situations, I don't know. I just want to
control the universe so I can make my life perfect. By the
way, thats not something I truly want in life right now.
Life sucks. Either you live with it, or die trying to
fight it.


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