The void
2003-05-02 22:09:46 (UTC)


i had all my hair cut off!it's sooo short! like, just above
my shoulders! but it's sooo nice! i really like it! :)
i'm seeing Terence on sunday! i can't
first i wasn't sure if i actually like him like THAT but i
suppose i do, i mean iv'e only met him the once, so i'll
see how things go on sunday, if we hit it off i'll most
prob get all terence obsessed and all loved up as usual!but
for now...we shall see!
iv'e been having uncontrollable urges to cut my arms recently, i have
no idea why and it's really bothering me because i dont know what to
do about it!if i cut myself the urge will go away, i can make an
excuse for it and it'll fade given time...sorted.....? i think not.