No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-05-02 18:58:51 (UTC)

One of those days...

Hey! Well, today was one of those days.
My day was actually going really really well until 2nd
period. I was sitting in English taking a test, and then
Mrs. Miller had me move to see the board better and the
seat I moved to had a big black ink spot in it, that I
didn't see. So, I sat in it. Not knowing. After the test,
Lophinnia asked what I sat in and I noticed it. Everyone
laughed their butts off, I thought that was pretty
immature...but oh well. I'll remember that next time they
sit in something. I went to the bathroom with Jess, washed
my pants with soap and water and rubbing alcohol pads. My
pants are tan. It really really sucked. I got most of it
and just put my jacket around my waist all day. *sigh*
Then, while Jess and I were cleaning the library, Clatyon
needed us so we changed and did our parts.
3rd period and 4th period were fine
I'm knida frustrated, well, dissapointed, with someone, but
I wont say anything to anyone about it, except the people I
already told. So, don't ask.
The Streets rock! DONT MUG YOURSELF! lol. I'll talk to you
all later. See ya.


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