listen to my silences
2003-05-02 14:52:43 (UTC)

three down, two to go

see, this is why i love college. pause.

let me start at the beginning. always a good place to
start. last night after i got offline i didn't study for
wc. big surprise...not. i went and got food from lowers,
then i came back here and did my math stuff for the study
session. then i went to the study session. fun stuff. no
i'm being serious it was. anyways. after that i came back
here and talked to brandon. for over an hour. still
hadn't studied. still no surprise about that. got off the
phone with him at around eleven i think. started studying
and started falling asleep. here's the problem: i hadn't
read the past three out of four books for this class. and
i'd skipped three classes and missed one cause of going to
the er. i had three books to read. read most of
one of them last night till eleven fifty one. set my alarm
for twelve fifty one and went to sleep for an hour. (this
technique actually works btw) awoke at twelve fifty one
and read the rest of that book. went to sleep at one fifty
one and set my alarm for two fifty one. it went off, i
shut it off and decided to get up an extra hour early this
morning. set it for five fifty one, got up at five. read
all of one book and half the other.

unpause. didn't get dressed. changed shirts, put on some
shoes, put a bandanna on, brushed my teeth. didn't change
pants or put any underwear on cause i sleep in no
underwear. looked over my notes briefly, gave up, went to
class. took the final and i'm pretty sure i got an a on
it. it was fairly simple. easier than the midterm. i
think part of that had to do with me not sleeping through
the now i'm back in the dorm room in the shirt i
slept in with no shoes and my hair down. and i'm getting
ready to go back to sleep. i have nothing to do schoolwise
until tuesday when i have my last two finals.

brandon is coming up monday night in his car and nick is
driving his truck up here that night too. full house.
lol. they're staying the night so they can load up my
stuff on tuesday. we had to have nick drive too cause my
stuff won't fit in brandon's car and he didn't really want
to drive mine cause my clutch is tricky. takes practice
and he can't get out of first very well in a stick
anyways. lol. if you can get out of first in my car, you
can get out of it in any car. seriously. *sigh* i miss
the nissan. anyways monday night we're going to play
schnucker. it's a pool game that i learned here. i taught
brandon it when he was here on tuesday. it's pretty fun.
tricky. even if you are good at pool. we're going to
teach nick. you can have any number of people play, even
or odd. so it'll be cool.

k well i'm out to sleep.

final thought: i think therefore i am. i have no car,
therefore i have no life. does that mean i stopped
thinking? hmm...