Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2003-05-02 13:51:07 (UTC)

Oh I'm spent, that wasn't such a good idea...

There hasn't been much happening recently but I'm
physically and mentally exhausted. Had to do all sorts of
things for my uni courses. 2 essays for Philosophy, an
essay for Sociology and 2 assignments for computing. Got
the results for most of the stuff by now.

Essay 1 Philosophy: Why, according to utilitarianism, is
killing wrong? Explain and justify your answer.

Result: 2E

Essay Sociology: Discuss and review two different types of

Result: 2D

Assignment 1 Computing: Design a funny face thing.

Result: 4

As you can imagine, I'm quite happy with my Sociology and
Philosophy results. I'm not a grade 1 student, or even a
high grade 2 student. But so long as I get 2's for most of
my units, I should be okay. But the problem is that
Computing (along with Sociology, but thats not a worry
right now) is my main subject and seeing as I already have
a 4 for my first assignment and will be lucky to get a 4
for the one which is due in today, there's a big chance I
will fail this unit. If that happens I'm potentially in for
some big shitcakes. If I fail this unit, I may become
ineligable for a degree in Computing Science. I just hate
java so much. Not because its hard or anything, but I can't
be bothered with programming. Its so dull. I guess it'll
all depend on the final exam in a couple of weeks. I'm not
enjoying the prospect at all. At least I have a half decent
chance with Sociology and Philosophy. If only I referenced
correctly on the Soc essay, I'd have got a better mark. Oh

I haven't slept in over 24 hours, I hear the voices again.
Till Next Time Space Kittens!