Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-05-02 06:27:13 (UTC)

Dancing in Purgatory

Today, ...what a day... I went to work this morning,
traveled as usual, and busted my arse all through the day
as I was supposed to.... It was heady and exhilirating to
work with so many people, with all their giddyness and
excitement, and mine own mixed in the pot, that it was one
hell of a good time. Usually most jobs post that they are
a 'fast paced environment', but guess what, when you
include someone like me, the 'fast pace'
becomes 'breakneck'... Lol, and do this for all of 11
hours that we were there, and you get the idea of the kind
of adrenaline that was involved, and exhiliration, and
excitement, but also a minor personality clash between me
and some other employee, which I thought was amusing, in
that I sort of crashed under the weight of lunch, and not
having enough sleep, as is the norm, caused me to hesitate
and dawdle and drift away where this said employee decided
to motivate me by teaching a few pointers on how to speed
up, and then asking me, of all things, to run... I was
like, oh brother, here we go again, someone telling me to
run.....I am like, shoot, if I ran, I'd probably collapse
from a heart attack, so I sort of half-jogged my way, just
for show, of course, but it was all crazy...

Since i got so many hours, I was told that I would have the
next couple days off, since I was going into overtime, and
the company hates that, since it becomes time-and-a-half...
So, tomorrow, day off, what will i do? I'm thinking beach,
maybe, but we shall see.........

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